About Me

Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank you for being here in my blog, I always appreciate any kind of support, whether is a comment/post telling me that you liked my kits, from public or private messages, to anything you have created using any of my kits, including freebies. Well this little section is to know a little bit more about your designer, about the woman behind the scrap kits you like to use.

 My name is Liz Jiovanna, I like to use my middle name because it's not a very common name, that's why I like it more than Liz ^_^, My birthday is on August 14th, I'm 26 years old, I live in Long Beach, California, Yes, I live near to the beach ;) I'm happily married to an amazing man Randhy, we have been together for almost 11 years, I ♥ him with all my ♥ and he is also the father of our 3 wonderful kids: Giovanny (9), Emelyn (8) & Natalie (4). I must say that I  have a really amazing and wonderful man by my side, he understands my passion for designing and he is always giving me that extra support that I need, he has seen my work, and he loves it, & it makes me proud to know that I make him proud with such a beautiful designs ^_^ He is always asking me about what I do , what is this for? & what is that for? and of course I'm always more than happy to tell him.I know, my life is really busy, I have to wake up early to get them ready to school, do chores around the house, go to the market, etc, they keep me really busy, and sometimes I never get free time to use the computer, but it's okay, I love spending time with my little family, they are the most important persons in my life, they deserve all my attention & time. Of course I just want the best for them, just like any other mother and we are in charge to provide that to them. Every morning I like to wake up to the smell of a delicious cup of coffee, I'm addicted to it ^_^, It gives me energy to go through my day. As a family we love to spend our nights watching movies, read books together, bake cookies, and brownies (we love them), eat ice cream, play outside, etc, we always have a great time as a family, they are my everything and I ♥ them with all my heart, even though they drive me crazy sometimes.. lol

 Well, besides my personal life I will tell you about how I got interested in designing digital scrap kits,  since I was little my teachers always told my parents that I was so creative, I participated in many art competitions, I have medals & certificates that proves it :). In 2007 I joined a community, the website is Glitter-Graphics, is there where I basically started, creating animated glitter graphics for others, and I was doing it for free.  In 2009 I became an Official Artist of the site, I was so excited to know that my talent was recognized :), at the beginning of 2012 I started to collect freebies from other designers, blog trains, add-ons, everything that was free (just like you ^_^), then I started creating Facebook Timeline Covers for people to snag them and use them, well after seeing all those mini kits, I sent a message to a member of the page I told you about. Telling her that I wish I could make my own scrap kits, but I didn't know where to start, she told me that I should give it a try, that I have talent, and she helped me on every step of the way, so basically she gave me the green light and the motivation to start something new, and here I am perfecting my technique, growing not only as a woman but, as a person and designer as well, I ♥ creating digital scrap kits.

I'm also thankful for the store members who trusted me and for giving me the opportunity to grow my own business, I always have fun creating my scrap kits, It's not just putting elements & papers together and you are done!, No, you have to put your heart and soul in every scrap kit, that way people is going to love it as much as I do, well thank you all for stopping by and feel free to look around, and snag some freebies! ^_^


  1. I think your designs are great.

  2. I love your kits! You are one of the bests!

  3. Thank you so much Kellie ^_^ I'm happy to hear that!!

  4. I'm so happy for you....I have been at G-G for 8 yrs and I'm still learning how to make scrap kits and other things as well, it does take time and alot of patience. Congrats!!!